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Set in a little paradise surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and dense tropical rain forest, Rancho Tropical is served by a rich fauna and abundant flora. Tourists from all around the world come to explore the natural beauty of the Osa Península.

Suitable for all ages, Rancho Tropical offers various options for outstanding excursions exploring the pristine vegetation and wildlife of Central America. Nature lovers and sport enthusiasts: Get ready for an adrenaline rush!

Bordered by a small oceanfront town named Carbonera Sanma, this piece of paradise is located at the extreme tip of the wild peninsula. Known for its natural beauty and tranquility, this zone is one of the loveliest areas in the country with perfect ocean surfing waves, mangroves, rich wildlife, winding rivers, scenic views and protected rain forests.

Rancho Tropical is contiguous with the National Park of Corcovado, a protected zone since 1975, where you can observe pumas, jaguars, white face capuchin monkeys and scarlet macaws free in nature.

Mainly for the wildlife and the natural sceneries, the Osa Península has become the number one eco-tourism destination of Costa Rica after the National Geographic Magazine declared the zone “one of the most biologically intense places on Earth”. The peninsula hosts more than half of all species of Costa Rica, a significant portion of which are endangered.

The ranch proposes a wide number of thrilling activities including a unique and memorable horseback riding excursion, adventurous waterfall rappelling, a wild rain forest trek, a scary fun night walk, a cultural farming tour and a bird watching expedition.

Tree climbing in the rain forest at Rancho Tropical, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
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Horseback Riding on the beach at Rancho Tropical, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Most popular!

Horseback Riding

Horse ride through the dense rain forest, the lowland meadow,
Tree Climbing in the Osa Peninsula
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Tree Climbing

The adventure begins horseback riding in the trails of the
Waterfall Rappelling in Rancho Tropical, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Waterfall Rappelling

This adrenaline-pumping exciting adventure will make you feel more than
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About Us

For many years, this farm was a simple cattle business operated by four employees, but it caught the attention of many people for its natural beauty. No development has been done on this farm until recently.

In 2012, the horse tours started with the existing horses on the farm that were used by the cowboys to get the cattle. People continued to talk about the panoramic views and beauty of the place, and the tour became more and more popular. A couple of months later, we gave the farm the name of Rancho Tropical. The website, social media networks and publicities have since been created, along with new safe trails in the forest . A new employee started with us as a bilingual touristic guide, while the others continued to work maintaining the trails to ensure they were safe and clean, and to take care of the cattle. In 2013, the employees of Rancho Tropical doubled, the horse tours were a success! Since then many hotels from the Peninsula of Osa have been referring Rancho Tropical to their customers for our exciting horseback excursions.

With all profits reinvested, new touristic activities became available in the last year such as waterfall rappelling, rainforest hiking, bird watching, farming tour, night walking and camping. Future projects consist of constructing a natural tree house, a suspended bridge and tree climbing.

Adventure Combo

Become fully immersed in nature during this

Rainforest Trek

In this trekking expedition, discover flamboyant bird

Horseback Riding

Horse ride through the dense rain forest,

Tree Climbing

The adventure begins horseback riding in the