About the farm


During many years, this farm was a simple cattle business operated by four employees, but it catches the attention of many people for its natural beauty. No development has been done on this farm until recently.

In 2012, started the horse tours, with the existing horses on the farm that were used by the cowboys to get the cattle. People were talking about the panoramic views and it beauty in general, so the tour became more and more popular. Couple months later, we gave the farm name’s Rancho Tropical. A website, social networks and publicities have been created, and then new safe trails in the forest were available. A new employee started as a bilingual touristic guide, while the others were maintaining the trails safe and clean, and taking care of the cattle. In 2013, the employees of Rancho Tropical doubled, the horse tours were a success. Many hotels from the Peninsula of Osa started to refer Rancho Tropical to their customers for exciting excursions.

All profits reinvested, new touristic activities became available in the last year such as waterfall rappelling, rainforest hiking, bird watching, farming tour, night walking and camping. Future projects consist in the constructions of a natural tree house, a suspended bridge and tree climbing.

The adventure begins with Rancho Tropical!