Tips for having a great and safe vacation

• Your passport is very important: take good care of it! Always carry a copy of your passport and keep the original in the safety deposit box of the hotel, along with your money, jewelry and other valuable objects.

• When doing bank transactions, you must present your original passport. Use only banks authorized agencies for exchanging your money.

• Use automatic teller machines located in public and well illuminated places. Be careful of any offer of help or of strangers when using the machines; withdraw the cash and count it before going outside.

• Keep all your goods in sight and reach. If you use public transportation, always keep an eye on them.

• When using taxi services, verify that they comply with the legal established requirements, such as the yellow triangles printed on the doors and a meter. Always ask the staff at your hotel to call a taxi from a reliable company.

• If you are lost and in need of checking your map, look for a public and safe place to do it, or recur to the police authorities for help.

• While driving or parking your car, lock the doors and keep the windows closed. Do not leave your personal belongings inside the vehicle.

• If you get a flat tire, if you are suspiciously warned of a damage, if you are suspiciously hit from behind or if you are being followed while driving, do not stop and immediately look for the police or dial 911 when possible.

• Avoid stopping when a stranger asks you for a ride.

• In Costa Rica we strive to protect our boys, girls and teenagers. The sexual exploitation of minors is a crime punished by the law.

In case of emergencies, call 911 from any telephone.