Rancho Tropical proposes various excursions, all linked with the nature. Free your mind and explore the biological diversity of Central America’s dense vegetation and endangered wildlife in natural habitat.

Explore the unknown of the forest beyond the trees and discover natural wonders most locals even don’t know about. In the rainforest, a naturalist guide informs about mangrove, exceptional medicinal plants, lovely fauna sounds and raw materials transformation.

Rancho Tropical jungle is served by two exceptional waterfalls, one of them measures 100 feet high and is bordered by thick vegetation; the other one, made of 3 falling in eroded rocks took a unique waterslide shape. Enjoy natural massages, a refreshing halt or an exciting rappelling tour.

Don’t forget to pass by the beach, either with a surf board, on a horse, to go snorkeling or with a fishing rod at hand, Rancho Tropical beach sits on a huge flat rock that have to be seen. Adventures are the best way to learn, let Costa Rica dazzle you!

Available Tours