Waterfall Rappelling

Go beyond your limits!


This adrenaline-pumping exciting adventure will make you feel more than alive. Get to the top of the mountain by horse and have a short hike in the rainforest to a magnificent waterfall called Ventana al cielo (Window to the sky). Tie-up your harness and start an extreme canyoning descendent with the water pressure pushing on you. Heart racing when looking down is normal! This outstanding tropical cascade flows through a thick rainforest and drops over 100 feet high (30 meters) into a greenish-blue swimming hole. Once you get in this natural pool, enjoy a refreshing dip and a spectacular view.

Dare to experience something new!


  • Price: $85.00/person ($5.00 per additional descent)
  • Duration: Between 3 and 4 hours
  • Includes: Horse, Guide, Safety harness,
    Helmet, Gloves
  • Recommendation: Water shoes, quick-dry clothing,
    camera (in a Ziploc bag), water
  • Reservation: 24 hours required

  • Note: Walking or horse riding to the waterfall
    for the same price.