The Best Tours to Do in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula
Beach and rain forest Corcovado National Park

Curious About Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula? 

We have you covered when it comes to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Want to know what Adventures you, your family, and your friends should experience?

Let’s talk about the BEST Tours to Do in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula with Corcovado National Park, Horseback Riding, Waterfall Rappelling, and Cano Island Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

This is Where the Adventure Begins.

Osa Peninsula is a true jewel of land, water, and wildlife. You will feel like you are stepping into the Jurassic Park. Only, it will be in real life.


Best of the Best Tours In Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

Rancho Tropical and our related travel brands pride ourselves on being awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence multiple times over. We have 100s of reviews sharing why our team provides the best of the best tours in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.


Corcovado National Park

Spider Monkey Corcovado National ParkMany call Corcovado the Best of the Best in Costa Rica to visit for great reason. With its biodiversity, it is THE place of a lifetime to visit. Whether you have one, two, three  or even more days to experience Corcovado, we promise your time will be magical.

The views, biodiversity, and wildlife that surrounds you on. Your experience will blow your mind. No wonder why National Geographic named Corcovado the most biologically intense place on the PLANET!


Horseback Riding and Waterfall Rappelling Adventure

Horseback Riding Osa Peninsula, Costa RicaIf you love chasing waterfalls and adventures, you will love horseback riding and waterfall rappelling. This is for the extreme adventure lovers visiting Costa Rica who get excited with the mere thought of experiencing a jungle farm on horse and getting to see a waterfall up close and personal at great heights.

This is not for the faint of heart. Your adrenaline will be at an all time high every step of the adventure.


Cano Island Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkeling Cano IslandYou may have heard of the mysterious Cano Island with its lush landscapes and limited access. There’s a reason why countless people flock to Cano Island Biological Reserve crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and abundance of underwater life.

Whether you want to experience the mysterious Cano Island of Snorkeling or Scuba Diving with our Naturalist Certified divers, you will never forget your adventure.


What’s Next

Now that you are traveling to Costa Rica on your solo adventure, with a group, and/or team, it is time to plan the adventures you will have in Costa Rica! From the start, you will be in great hands with Cindy, the Owner, and Operator of Three Tourism Brands.


Where the Adventure Begins!


Booking a Tour

Are you a month to three months away from your travels? You should start booking your activities. Planning ahead may allow you to get the top guides for your tours and most importantly availability for the adventures you have in mind.

We would love to help you with our one day, two days, or three day Corcovado Tours,  Waterfall Rappelling, and Cano Island snorkel to name a few of the 100s of adventures we offer!

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